Clint: Is this what American people think freedom really is.

What I would really like to say cant be said because I’m a Christian. May God bring justice to this family and to us all.

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Clintcommented onFinicum Assassination – America’s Liberty at Stake!

Thanks to Steve in Arizona- Mike Arnold – Bundy Attorney. FBI manipulates the public? [wpvideo ?

This shows how corrupt the bureaucrat’s in power really are. Is this what American people think freedom really is. Freedom is what the bureaucrat’s what the people to think. Clean up America Elect But don’t re elect a politician. If he has been politics more then 2 terms he is corrupt.

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The Rock and The Hard Place by Judge Anna

Some home truths about how close we are to being trapped

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The Rock and The Hard Place by Judge Anna

In recent days people who are aware of the difference between the Federal United States and the Continental United States have been asking—-what if the Federal United States attacks the Continental United States? They’ve prepared all those FEMA Camps and bought all those rounds of ammo and hired all those commercial mercenaries for a reason, no?

Now that the banks and the lawyers have stolen title to our assets by fraudulent conveyance and the politicians have maxed out our credit, they want to “de-populate” us.

Genocide gets rid of the evidence of their fraud and gets rid of the rightful owners, too, dodges their Social Security liabilities, and collects a million dollars per head in life insurance policies.

By all means, let them and their…

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Rod Class Exposes State Governments are franchise branches of federal corporation posing as government of the American People.

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What a novel suggestion?

People helping people just to do the right thing. Marvelous. You may find such a group here. They seem to be dedicated to forming THE INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL FOR NATURAL JUSTICE.”

Sacha Stone of Humanitad Foundation: Human Right’s …

Jan 12, 2013 – (2) “Sacha Stone from Humanitad about Anand Krishna’s Case” (3) “In Memoriam : Muammar Al-Gaddafi”

Rod Class: 11 CVS 1559 in Judge Ridgeway’s ruling | Scanned Retina Resource

New Earth Media | PRESS RELEASE: War Crimes Drama in Washington, DC Courtroom

It was Class who forced the North Carolina Courts to admit, on the public record, that the Administrative Agents posing as “Public Officials” are NOT. The ruling from the Judge was clear: They are “private entities, in fact, CORPORATIONS.”

To make sure he understood what the Judge meant, Class asked for an Administrative Review. He placed…

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